Bend-Tech RCT Module

Bend-Tech RCT

Module: $195 (Requires latest version of PRO or SE)

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Whether you are designing roll cages for your side by side UTV & ATV, Jeep, stock car, rock crawlers, etc, our pre-designed cages available in the Roll Cage Templates Module (RCT) will give you the ability to create a roll cage that will be a perfect fit for your vehicle. With the help of the RCT module, you can simply pick a roll cage design, then fill in your specific values to create a custom cage on the fly.

After you've finished dimensioning your cage, it can be brought into the Bend-Tech Assembly interface where you can add, delete, or edit specific parts for enhancing structural support or adding your personal touch. This allows you to customize your design even further.

Every cage designed in RCT will provide bending instructions such as cut length, bend location, bend angle, rotation, etc, these accurate numbers which can be calibrated to any of your tube benders (from manual hand bender to CNC) will be your ultimate tool for successful tube fabrication.

Another handy feature included is the auto defined tube cutting information for end notching of the tubes. Every part has the cutting instructions already complete with cutting wrappers available to print out.

RCT Details

Roll Cage Templates
Bend-Tech RCT Roll Cage Templates

With the variety of roll cages to choose from, RCT will be a valuable tool for your tube fabrication.

Easy roll cage designing
Bend-Tech RCT easy roll cage designing

Create your roll cage by simply inputting needed values and let RCT help you visualize and verify your cage.

Full Assembly compatibility
Bend-Tech RCT Full Assembly compatibility

Export your designed cage from RCT module to PRO or SE for full customization along with complete bending instructions for your benders.

Automatic cutting profile
Bend-Tech RCT Automatic cutting profile

RCT will automatically define cuts for all ends of tubes for coping. With help of PRO or SE, it will also generate cutting profile wrappers to scale.

System Requirements

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Bend-Tech software requires an active internet connection in order to activate the license on your computer, and then every 6 month. SE software can run offline in between. Don't have internet connection? See Dongle Key option