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Bend-Tech SE is a must have if your job, business or livelihood depends in part on bending tube, pipe, rod, wire, and bar. We have provided SE with the tools that will allow you to be productive no matter what problems you face in your tube bending fabrication.

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Design with Manufacturing in Mind

SE has extra tools that you will need when you are concerned about setup and production times. What separates SE from the rest is its focus on manufacturability and flexibility in design.

Focus on Design Flexibility
  • SE has an XYZ interface.
  • SE has an advanced LRA "Length, Rotation & Angle" design interface.
  • SE has a very powerful reverse engineering feature.
  • SE allows for dxf/step/iges/ interfacing (with the Import/Export function).
  • SE allows for unit conversion (inches vs millimeters).

Focus on Manufacturability
  • SE checks to verify sufficient material is available for the bending process.
  • SE can provide a "spring back" bend angles.
  • SE provides extra checking tools to verify part validity.
  • SE allows for multiple dies to be used on the same part.
  • SE has extra functionality for roll bending.
  • SE provides a graphical layout interface.
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Design & visualize in full 3D

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Work with your tube bender

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Get notching templates for your holesaw, grinder, etc.

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Key SE Features

Designer: XYZ
Bend-Tech SE Designer: XYZ

Create tube parts using an XYZ interface which consists of end points, bend locations, and center line radii. Bend-Tech software will show LRA (Length, Rotation, and Bend Angle) data as well as cut length, spring back data, and weights.

CAD Import (STEP & IGES)
Bend-Tech SE CAD Import (STEP & IGES)

Import round tubes from CAD systems. Bend-Tech works with IGES (.iges, .igs), STEP (.step, .stp), DXF (.dxf), and BREP (.brep). Send to one of the designers including XYZ or Assembly.

Advanced Calculation Output (LRA or YBC)
Bend-Tech SE Advanced Calculation Output (LRA or YBC)

Location (Length), Rotation, and Angle setting format adjustments allow for a flexible output type. Includes a graphical layout screen that is a dimensioned print of the flattened tube.

Designer: Reverse Engineering
Bend-Tech SE Designer: Reverse Engineering

This designer allows for entry of past bending instructions and will create a Bend-Tech XYZ or LRA part model. This designer is also useful from LRA prints that are designed with the incorrect radii sizes.

Manufacturability Checking
Bend-Tech SE Manufacturability Checking

Set restrictions for the tooling library to check for manufacturing limitations. If the part design is flagged and found to be outside the limitations then a warning button is displayed in bright red. The warning will show the problem area on the part. In the case of not having enough material at the ends, the user can select the warning field and the needed amount of material is automatically added.

Unit Conversion
Bend-Tech SE Unit Conversion

Convert your tubing designs from millimeters to inches or from inches to millimeters.

Pricing Utility
Bend-Tech SE Pricing Utility

Assign cost to material and hourly rates of bending & cutting times. Amortize setup time over quantity of parts needed.

1D Nesting
Bend-Tech SE 1D Nesting

Find Optimized yield from current stock lengths for quantities and part lengths needed for a specific job.

Multiple Dies for Single Part
Bend-Tech SE Multiple Dies for Single Part

Define a part with size definitions for each individual bend.

Large Radius Bending
Bend-Tech SE Large Radius Bending

Create parts with large radii. Typically manufactured with a ring roll or section roller. Often used in the railing and boating industries.

Designer: Assembly Design
Bend-Tech SE Designer: Assembly Design

For customers that do not have a CAD system we have provided an interface to build an assembly. Straight parts can be added with the created bent parts to make a complete assembly.

Cutting Wrappers
Bend-Tech SE Cutting Wrappers

Create cutting wrappers (printed paper showing the cut profile that is wrapped around the tube). The wrappers include calibration rotation and location lines for proper alignment. Bend-Tech can also provide hole saw cutting location instructions.

Designer: Panel
Bend-Tech SE Designer: Panel

This feature requires Bend-Tech SM module.

  • Create/wrap panels between tubes in assembly.
  • Create radius or notches to follow the tubing.
  • Add holes and edit plates in Bend-Tech SM.

Centerline Adjustment
Bend-Tech SE Centerline Adjustment

Design your part, and then adjust your parts in Inside/Outside/Center lines with click of a button.

Part Dimensioning
Bend-Tech SE Part Dimensioning

Dimension top, side, and front view of the part or assembly. Works great as a tool for shops to properly put together the parts in an assembly.

Spring Back Calculator
Bend-Tech SE Spring back Calculator

The Spring Back Calculator has an area to enter the angles of spring back experienced after bending which allows the software to automatically make the necessary adjustments. The "Results" and setup sheet have an additional column which includes the spring back angles.

Designer: Sketch 3D
Bend-Tech SE Designer: Sketch 3D
  • Click-and-sketch part creation in 3D.
  • Adjustable grid-snapping.
  • Sketch then adjust dimensions.
  • Easy switching between XYZ planes.

Designer: Harpoon
Bend-Tech SE Designer: Harpoon
  • Click-and-drag part creation.
  • Add/remove bends on-the-fly.
  • Intuitive drag-then-type design.

Designer: Custom Part 3D
Bend-Tech SE Designer: Custom Part 3D

The Custom 3D Part interface allows you to enter the definitions of your part in a sequence following the center line of the material. Directional terms are easy to understand for creation of the part. These terms are; left, right, front, back, ceiling, and floor. The bend angles and rotations are automatically calculated.

Bending Simulation
Bend-Tech SE Bending Simulation

Simulation helps the fabricator visualize the bending process before running the part through the machine. This helps to confirm the manufacturability of the part and the bend order. (*Does NOT check for collision.)

Bend Order Manipulation
Bend-Tech SE Bend Order Manipulation

Bend from either end, flip the part between any of the bends, or do a custom sequencing. Verify your sequence using the Bending Simulation.

Designer: Custom Part
Bend-Tech SE Designer: Custom Part

Create a part by starting at one end and entering the distance between bends, rotations between bends, and the angle for each bend. The length values can be apex or tangent values.

Designer: Sketch 2D
Bend-Tech SE Designer: Sketch 2D
  • Click-and-sketch part creation.
  • Adjustable grid-snapping.
  • Sketch then adjust dimensions.
  • Simple, easy-to-use 2D design.

Designer: Templates
Bend-Tech SE Designer: Templates

Choose from dozens of predefined templates. The templates are easy to use and in seconds you will have your design completed and be ready to start bending.

Designer: Custom Part 2D
Bend-Tech SE Designer: Custom Part 2D

Create a part by starting at one end and then entering in the distance between bends and the angle at each bend. The length values can be apex or tangent values. Custom Part 2D allows bends to reverse direction (180 degree rotation).

Material Library
Bend-Tech SE Material Library

The Material Library includes material shape, (round, square, or rectangle), size, wall thickness, color, and weight.

Die Library
Bend-Tech SE Die Library

Define your dies within the software. Definition includes CLR, Calibrated CLR (stretch factor), and Bend Location Offset.

Bend Calculation Output
Bend-Tech SE Bend Calculation Output

Software will provide cut length, bend locations, bend angles, and rotations for every parts you have designed. Each bend location is based from the end of the tube.

Post Bending Cutoff
Bend-Tech SE Post Bending Cutoff

Cutoff allows extra material to be added at the end of the tube for cutting after bending. The cut length and bend locations are automatically adjusted for cutoff values.

System Requirements

Click to see System Requirements for Bend-Tech

Bend-Tech software requires an active internet connection in order to activate the license on your computer, and then every 6 month. SE software can run offline in between. Don't have internet connection? See Dongle Key option